Office of Research Reports for Core Administration - Office of Research

Reports for Core Administration

Accessing Reports:

1. From HOME >> select REPORTS tab

2. Select a Category* of reports to utilize:

    • Customer Email Lists
      • Convenient email lists of active customers in your facility
    • Financial Reports
      • Reports detailing revenue
    • Instrument Reports
      • Reports specific to instrument usage
    • Inventory
      • Reports about inventory and stock levels
    • Invoicing Reports
      • Reports about external invoices and payments
    • Lists
      • Convenient lists of services, systems, etc. within your platform
    • Maintenance
      • Reports about maintenance and incidents related to your instruments
    • Orders
      • A breakdown of all orders from your Orders Tab in a report
    • Projects
      • Reports on project details
    • Publications
      • Reports about submitted publications
    • Training
      • Reports on instrument trainings
    • Usage Reports
      • Reports detailing usage and key performance indicators

*Some report categories may not apply to your facility and may not appear in the list on your Reports Tab.

3. Select a report

Available Reports:

Customer Email Lists

  • Email List Report
  • Mailing List of Users and PIs

Financial Reports

  • Comparative Revenue per Month
  • Core revenue by resource and by month (per fiscal year)

Instrument Reports

  • Efficiency per Instrument
  • Hours Booked by Month by System
  • Instrument Booking versus Usage
  • Instrument Income
  • Instrument Usage by Department
  • Instrument Usage by Group
  • Instrument Usage by Type
  • Instrument Usage Overview
  • Instruments Usage Heatmap per month
  • Login for Tracker
  • Most popular day of the week by systems
  • Unauthorized Access List of Sessions
  • Usage and revenue for Off-Peak hours of each instrument
  • Usage per group
  • User rights


  • Last 50 Stock Operations
  • Stock Check

Invoicing Reports

  • IOC Invoice Summary Report
  • AR Invoice Tracking Report
  • Activity per invoice
  • Invoice event details
  • KFS Invoice number lookup


  • List of Incidents
  • List of Reports
  • List of Services
  • List of Systems
  • List of training requests



  • List of incidents and interventions per system
  • Maintenance and Incident Overview
  • Systems that let you down


  • Order details report


  • Inactive Projects
  • List of Projects
  • Project Activity
  • Project Summary with Charges
  • Projects Revenue by Type


  • Publication Production by System


  • Top 10 Trainers
  • Training ROI
  • Training sessions per month
  • Training details by training type

Usage Reports

  • Department Revenue Report
  • Overall Core Usage by Invoiced Date
  • Overall Core Usage Report
  • Overall Core Usage Report with comments
  • Quantities completed per service consumable per month
  • Top 5 Users Report
  • Usage Report for Core Status Report
  • User Charges by Month per Fiscal Year
  • User Distribution Core wise
  • User Distribution per affiliation Core wise

*Some reports may not be applicable to your facility and therefore do not appear on your reports tab.




*If you do not have access to a listed report above OR wish to request a new report be created, please contact with details.



Examples of reports:

Financial Report: Comparative Revenue per Month

Compares the revenue per month between three given years.

  • Enter the 3 years you with to compare
  • Select “Run/refresh report”
  • Review graph comparison
    • Hovering over bars will tell you $ amount
    • Select “Show raw data” below the graph to see a table of data


Instrument Reports: Instrument Usage by Department

Number of hours booked and used by departments in the facility between two dates.

  • Enter your start and end date
  • Select “Run/refresh report”
  • Review graph
    • Hovering over bars will tell you hours
    • Select “Show raw data” below the graph to see a table of data


Usage Reports: User Distribution per Affiliation

User distribution by affiliation (UCD, EXT-UC, EXT-NP, EXT-FP) in %

  • Enter your start and end date
  • Select “Run/refresh report”
  • Review chart
    • Hovering over pie sections will tell you % of users per affiliation
    • Select “Show raw data” below the chart to see a table of data


Usage Reports: Overall Core Usage Report

Provides all core usage details within a selected date range.

  • Enter your start and end dates
  • Select “Run/refresh report”
  • Select “Export as a spreadsheet”
    • Wait for the export to download, Open
  • Review and manipulate the spreadsheet as needed
    • Filter date or create pivot tables